By William Cutting
Wednesday, August 7, 2013 – 04:15 p.m.

The train wreck that is ObamaCare is still hurtling down the tracks.  It used to be “out of sight, out of mind” but now its approach is growing closer.  We still can’t see it…but we are starting to hear the rumble echoing through the canyons in the distance.

And the closer it gets the more alarmed we become.

A few months back (where does the time go), we heard how the IRS was engaging in political witch hunts, punishing conservative groups by holding up their 501c3 and other nonprofit applications inside the bureaucratic maze of Washington.  Unfortunately, it seems the political shenanigans of these  disgusting Chicago-style political games have seemingly been glossed over by the media.

We are now learning that the same shady scoundrels who cannot process nonprofit paperwork filings for organizations will be tasked to implement the tenets of ObamaCare.  The Washington D.C. based publication, The Hill, published a story on the subject recently with Republican politicos decrying the trust our president is placing upon the IRS:

House Republicans are launching a fresh attack on ObamaCare, charging that the Internal Revenue Service cannot be trusted to implement it.

The lawmakers say the tax agency is unable to fairly oversee provisions of the healthcare law for which it is responsible, such as providing tax credits for the new insurance marketplaces.

“As if Americans didn’t have enough reason to fear the IRS, we now know that it is in no position to implement the 47 new powers and authority given to it under the healthcare law,” House Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp (R-Mich.) said at a hearing on Thursday.

“In fact, it is likely that Americans will be at even greater risk of having their identity stolen or private taxpayer information leaked as result of the law,” Camp said.

Granted, partisan whining is fairly common in the world of politics.  But, can anyone really argue that they trust the IRS to do right by the people it is supposed to serve, not harass?

Are they any Democrats reading this blog who similarly have concerns and doubts about the IRS engaging in these vital functions as it implements ObamaCare? It is easy for any discussion to devolve into political bickering, trite cliches,  and what not…but I would genuinely like to hear someone put forth a solid, sincere argument on behalf of the IRS.

I mean, other than this rebuttal:

Democrats rejected the Republican complaints.

The information the IRS shares will be purely to tell whether or not applicants for assistance qualify for tax credits, they said, not personal medical data.

“They wont have anything about anybody’s ingrown toenails in this report,” said Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.). He added that Republicans were engaging in “a desperate, 11th hour attempt to stop a law that will help Americans.”

I am growing weary of political operatives, flacks and elected officials suggesting that individuals such as myself are being paranoid about what a government agency can and can’t do, what information it does and does not have at its disposal, etc.  They treat those of us who express concern about individual privacy rights like we are annoying gadflies or irritating flea bites when I believe the issue is significantly more important and worthy of public unrest. Because, frankly…time and time again we learn that our government is far more invasive and predatory towards the rights and privacy of its citizenry.

On a lighter note and a total aside, I find it so odd reading Danny Werfel’s name in the article.  I remember watching him play college football many years ago and I am still not used to the notion of him being a “public servant”.