August 05, 2013 1:00 PM
Jim E. Winburn, Staff Writer

VICTORVILLE • Two weeks after passing the voter-approved lighting assessment district, the city on Tuesday plans to hold two more public hearings on approving further assessments for unpaid services.

The Victorville Water District will hold a public hearing to address arguments for and against assessments of unpaid water fees. A resolution is before the district to add delinquent non-paid charges to the annual taxes levied upon properties for which the charges remain unpaid, according to a staff report by Public Works and Water Department Director Sean McGlade.

Currently, the report lists two properties with unpaid fees to the water district, totaling $1,073.90 in delinquent charges.

Also, a City Council public hearing will consider arguments for and against assessments for unpaid rubbish collection fees, sewer-use fees, storm-drain fees, hazardous waste fees, or Assembly Bill 939 recycling fees.

Delinquent charges currently amount to $58,034.49, according to a report submitted by Acting Deputy City Manager Bill Webb and Chief Financial Officer Adele Mosher.

“This list is submitted to confirm liens on the properties, which shall be included on the tax roll for taxes levied against the said properties,” stated the report, which includes a list of 33 properties.

The city announced at a July 23 special meeting that the formation of a citywide street lighting assessment was approved by voters by a slim margin of 136 votes — 4,487 “yes” votes in support of the district and 4,351 against, the city reported.

The assessment district would cost property owners about $14 a year, McGlade said in a report.

However, a few residents are questioning the city’s compliance with Proposition 218, which determines that a two -thirds vote is required for a “special tax” — that is intended for revenues to be used for specific purposes, rather than a “general tax” which revenues may be used for any governmental purpose as a general benefit to the public.

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