July 23, 2013 10:59 AM
Brooke Self, Staff Writer

HINKLEY• A new class action lawsuit representing at least 100 Hinkley residents who were not a part of the original litigation against Pacific Gas and Electric Co., was filed in San Bernardino County Court last week, according to the lead attorney on the case.

The plaintiffs represented by Santa Ana-based law firm Callahan & Blaine are seeking compensation for the most recent impact to Hinkley residents as a result of the expanding plume boundary and existing groundwater contamination, attorney Javier van Oordt said Monday.

“There’s different potential options for what they can recover,” van Oordt said. “The idea is that they get more value than what PG&E is paying (for homes)… The value they’ve been paying has been depressed.”

Hinkley residents who have recently discovered harmful levels of chromium 6 in their soil and water supply as a result of the plume expansion are included in the plaintiff list, he said. Many who have received buyout offers were paid out in amounts significantly lower than what their homes were valued for in the past, he said.

PG&E spokesman Jeff Smith has said before that the company was assessing the property values for homes included in the buyout offers based on the value of a similar property in a community outside of Hinkley.

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