Sunday, July 14, 2013 – 11:30 a.m.

It seems scuttlebutt and dirt is creeping back into local politics. The 2014 election cyle is going to be filled with it! Therefore it would only be appropriate to bring back the insider column.

District Attorney’s office provides ample entertainment

Could it be?

San Bernardino County District Attorney Mike Ramos running for State Attorney General?

Yes, it’s funny indeed.

The DA’s office is rumbling these days on what the illustrious Ramos might do in the near future. Internal office scuttlebutt has it that Ramos, whose current term expires at the end of 2014, may run for California Attorney General. The spin being, if U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder steps down, the short list to replace him would include Calitornia Attorney General Kamala Harris. Harris is an Obama favorite. Remember the most attractive Attorney General in the country wisecrack?

So, the braintrusts on this wild story believe Ramos, a republican, could competitively run in a special election to replace Harris, a democrat.

Otherwise, Ramos runs for reelection as Disrict Attorney in June 2014. A sure to be contested affair. (No pundt intended.) It’s also a reality not popular within the departments professional ranks. Yes, there are true professionals in Ramos’ office. It seems rank and file employees have had it. Morale sucks. Why you ask? When your personal relationships, and we mean personal, combined with a “They (the employees) can go to hell attitude” trickles down to the workers, they tend not to like you anymore. Promoting friends over more qualified lawyers also has an effect. Especially in a small department.

Right now people in the operation just keep their respective heads down and do their jobs.

There’s already one real challenger out there. No, were not talking about Barstow Attorney Bob “I need the advertising” Conaway either.

The only other options for Ramos would be to retire early and try to get county supervisors to appoint his personal bagman, Assistant District Attorney Mike Fermin, to replace him. Ramos needs someone to guard the dirty laundry after he’s gone. The last option would be to try and get reelected, then retire early.

There’s plenty of entertainment in any case.

The CAPO Unit

Are they serious.

A new unit brings a new joke inside the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office. The District Attorney recently announced the formation of another unit. One of many recent pronouncements to garner good press, and nothing more.

This time it’s the Crimes Agaist Peace Officer’s Unit. The acronymn being C-A-P-O.

Yes, the ‘CAPO’ Unit!

Apparently everyone is just tickled with the correlation to the term used to depict a captain in the Mafia hierachy.

Career Prosecutor vs. Politico

The race for Riverside County District Attorney isn’t as much about dirt, as it is about management practices, loyalty and office morale.

Former Superior Court Judge Paul Zellerbach, suffering from a bad start at taking the reigns from Rod Pacheco in the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office, faces career prosecutor Mike Hestrin. Hestrin has been working the circles garnering financial support. Expect both men to have serious dollars to spend.

It sounds like bad morale and operational mismanagement has hurt Zellerbach.

One supporter of Zellerbach says the DA has been cuzzling up to San Bernardino County’s Ramos, because Ramos is always working the press to make himself look good.

You know what they say about fleas!