Tuesday, June 25, 2013 – 10:30 a.m.

Here’s some news flowing across the transom Tuesday morning.

Consumer confidence reaches five-year high

The Conference Board reported this morning that its consumer confidence index climbed to 81.4 from 74.3 in May.

It’s the highest reading since May 2008.

Russia’s Putin tells U.S. “No”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has told the United States  a big fat “No”.

The answer is in response to a request to turnover Former National Security Contractor Edward Snowden, who is currently at a Russian airport.

We all know the rest of the story from there.

U.S. upset with China

The U.S. Government is upset with the Chinese Government for allowing Former National Security Contractor Edward Snowden to leave Hong Kong, after formal extradition paperwork had been transmitted.

What! The U.S. isn’t going to allow China to buy are bonds anymore?

The Economy: Readings on Durable Goods and new homes sales, prices better than expected

Reports on orders for Durable Goods, new home sales for May, and the Case/Shiller home price index for April were all ahead of expectations Tuesday morning.

The return of the Twinkie

Yes, the famous Twinkie will return to store shelves in July.

The new Hostess Brands, LLC made the announcement in the past couple days.

Consumers will likely see a return of a few pounds on the scale as well.