Sunday, June 23, 2013 – 06:00 p.m.

The drama over Former national Security Analyst Edward Snowden has now reached an embarrassing twist.

Snowden, who fled to Hong Kong, before his breach of U.S. surveillance secrets went public, landed in Russia this morning.

The latest travel comes on the heels of the Obama Administration demanding Hong Kong extradite Snowden back to the U.S. to face espionage charges.

That request landed with a giant thud.

What are the chances of Russian President Vladimir Putin handing over Snowden?

A big fat Z-E-R-O!

Talk about embarrassing.

Snowden is reportedly aiming to eventually land in Ecuador.

Let’s get this straight. The U.S. wants other countries to hand Snowden over because he’s been spilling the beans on how the U.S. has been spying on them and the American public. Remenber all the accusations regarding the U.S. and Great Britain spying on G-20 participants?

You have to admit, national security aside, the whole story is classic and destined to be a full-feature movie.