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June 19, 2013

Pay for Gov. Jerry Brown, legislators and other top elected officials is going up, a state commission decided Wednesday.

The California Citizens Compensation Commission voted 5-1 to grant a five percent raise for the state’s 120 lawmakers and 12 constitutional officers, partially restoring pay cuts imposed during the recession.

The seven-member panel of gubernatorial appointees, created by voter passage of Proposition 112 in 1990, is charged with annually setting pay for statewide elected officials.

Brown’s current salary is $165,288 while pay for other constitutional officers ranges from $143,571 for the attorney general to $123,965 for the lieutenant governor and Board of Equalization members. Legislators make $90,526.

During California’s budget crisis, pay for top elected officials was cut gradually by about 22 percent – chopping nearly $47,000 off gubernatorial pay, for example, and $26,000 off legislative pay.

Under the raise approved this morning, lawmakers will make $95,291.

Legislative belt-tightening by the commission in years past also included slashing per diem expense payments from $173 to $142, trimming health benefits, and eliminating a program that leased and maintained cars for lawmakers. The panel is still discussing those benefits.

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