William Cutting,
Tuesday, June 18, 2013 – 03:00 p.m.

Someone forwarded a bunch of emails from a person by the name of Keith McCarter to me.  In the first one, he announced he is running for State Assembly and asked for our vote in June 2014. He also ran for mayor of Fontana a little while back.

The letter begins without any edits or emphasis on my part:

Dear Customer,
Thank you for being interested in what’s happening at Company Name this month.
We have lots of exciting news to share.
Induction -Private High School
Keith McCarter will be the key-note speaker at the induction of a new private high school in the Inland Empire.
The Private High School Will be accepting registrations for high school seniors for the upcoming 2013-2014 school year.    The school will offer 50% tuition scholarships for new seniors.
TO come here the induction speak by Keith McCarter or to enrolling the new exclusive private high school, send an email to
Our campaign is now accepting volunteers to provide 3 hours a week of their time.  To become a volunteer for the McCarter campaign, contact us at
The Election Team

Now, I am not sure why he is sending an election letter addressed to “customers” nor do I fully understand why he failed to proof read the copy.  Interestingly enough, the email was sent unsolicited and also includes this line:

Thank you for being interested in what’s happening at Company Name this month.

I have heard of politicos being in the pockets of corporations…but this is taking it to a new level! Then we have the “hear/here” misspelling in the copy, as well.

So, I went to Keith McCarter’s website. It is terrible. However, he does have his resume posted. It is a veritable “who’s who” display of exceptional talent and experience.  He professes to be a professor.  He has authored books.  Earned a law degree.  Worked in the financial sector.  Started a school.  It goes on and on and on.

And it seems overly pretentious and embellished to my eyes.  Things just don’t add up.

His twitter page is inactive, which is odd for someone who seems to be so engaged and involved, never mind running for office. The last post was in the Fall of 2011.

His twitter page references his website as being, but it no longer exists. According to his resume, McCarter Industries is still an active, going concern.

His twitter page also referenced a website called CLIC Foundation and his resume lists his involvement as owner/founder.  But it doesn’t exist either.

He tweeted that he was teaching Russian, Spanish and English at California Language Institute. That site does not exist either.

He started a KickStarter campaign and had zero contributors.

On Twitter he said he was a law professor at this school, but you guessed it, the website no longer works.

There are so many other odd things to discuss, that I have only scratched the surface.  So, I ask the reading public…who is this Keith McCarter character?