Friday, May 17, 2013 – 11:30 a.m.

Well it’s finally started!

Local newspapers trying to create distance from San Bernardino mayor Pat Morris and company.

The Sun newspaper is the first out of the gate, by way of an editorial published this week titled “Recall oversight does not belong in San Bernardino’s hands: Editorial”.

Here’s an interesting quote from the opinion piece:

“San Bernardino government, as a whole, was proven incompetent when the city found itself filing for municipal bankruptcy last summer. Elected leaders mismanaged the city’s coffers and damaged whatever credibility the oft-bickering group may have had with voters.”

Not so fast!

For years, both The Sun and Press Enterprise newspapers have given cover to San Bernardino Mayor Patrick Morris, and one other local high-profile politician, ignoring all the shenanigans both have been involved in.

Now Morris’ time has come. The other aforementioned politicians time is coming as well, with the clock slowly running.

Newspapers are meant to be the watchdogs of government. In San Bernardino County it’s more like the protector of their anointed favorite’s.

If you examine the local newspaper’s past positions on San Bernardino, you’ll find Morris could do no wrong when it came to both the city’s affairs, as well as those of the San Bernardino International Airport Authority, of which, he is president.

Now that both entities are a train wreck, the newspapers act as if they are just as shocked as the public. Even though they themselves knew what was going on all these years, and conveniently just looked the other way because it might hurt their guy.

For more than a decade, the hypocrisy of both newspapers has covered for the incompetence and abuse of power of their favorite politicians. Now the days of reckoning are before us.

But just look at the damage already done.

It’s sad that it has come to this.