ontario airport

Saturday, May 11, 2013 – 01:30 p.m.

It’s what you get when you rely on local economist John Husing as your cheerleader, not to mention area expert, in a fight to wrestle control of a regional airport from the city of Los Angeles.

Quite a few people are looking foolish right about now. Especially since a study of airport traffic by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was released this week.

An article about the study even appeared as a main story on The Sun and Inland Valley Daily Bulletin newspaper websites for a brief moment Friday.

The MIT study shows a marked drop in scheduled passenger flights at regional airports across the country, not just LAX/Ontario International Airport (ONT).

The reason given? Economics!

Imagine that! Economics affecting a fall in passenger traffic at ONT. Say it isn’t so!

We’ve been saying the same thing for months here. It’s nice to have MIT in agreement.

For months, local officials have been clamoring to takeover ONT. The same officials allege mismanagement and other sinister plots, like the intentional diverting of flights from ONT to Los International Airport (LAX), by the operator of both facilities, Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), .

However, the MIT study says the flight drop off at regional airports, like ONT, is due mainly to the consolidation of flights, by airlines, in an successful effort to reduce available seats on flights. Other factors were high fuel costs and a difficult economic climate.

The real underlying reasons for this attempted power grab aren’t really known. But, at this point, it looks rather silly.

Ontario has threatened to file a lawsuit against LAWA, and the Los Angeles City Council, to try and takeover the operations.

Los Angeles wants big money for the airport, and Ontario wants it for free. That’s right, free!

Maybe everyone should go cry to Pittsburgh. Their flight are down 40%, or maybe give officials in Cincinnati a jingle. The number of flight offerings their is down 64%.

San Bernardino County has more than its share of problems to be dealt with, and Ontario International Airport isn’t one of them.

People need to get off this crusade and find one more beneficial to the community, besides feeding peoples egos.