Monday, May 6, 2013 – 12:30 p.m.

Bankrupt San Bernardino, California degenerated into the realm of a three-ring political circus last week, with the announcement by a citizens group that they intend to recall all of the city’s elected officials, with the exception of the City Clerk and City Treasurer.

The group says the notorious nine, Mayor Pat Morris, City Attorney James Penman and Council Members Rikke Van Johnson, Chas Kelley, Wendy McCammack, Robert Jenkins, Virginia Marquez, John Valdivia and Fred Shorett, should be ousted because they are to blame for the city’s financial ruin.

Forget about all the local business intellect, many of which have already left the area, that steered these people, and others, by the nose to benefit their own pocketbooks, in years past.

Regardless of whether or not any of the targeted officials will still be in office at the time the recall is certified. The group, known as San Bernardino Residents for Responsible Government, wants to send a message. That message being throw the bums out.

The group says it has raised sufficient funds to collect signatures (presumably to pay for the collection) and run a campaign to oust the nine. But they have declined to say just how much that is until they have to legally report it.

Can you say distraction boys and girls? Another distraction in a city trying to right the ship.

The recall group sent a loud message via its chosen spokesperson.

We’re not sure if it was an attempt at humor, or just a warped sense of perception. But the group chose Larry Sharp as its spokesperson.

Sharp, who is currently in a make-work job at Cal State San Bernardino, was previously the chief executive officer of Arrowhead Credit Union. The same Arrowhead Credit Union seized by federal regulators, on June 25, 2011, after it went insolvent. The primary factor leading to the insolvency? A large portion of Arrowhead’s regulatory capital base was invested in local real estate.

Real Estate that ultimately soured.

Anyways, this recall ordeal is going to be interesting to watch indeed!