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The PE: RIVERSIDE COUNTY: Budget gap could approach $102 million


Riverside County Finance Officer Ed Corser warned the Board of Supervisors the county could face a budget shortfall of around $50 million next fiscal year, and that’s not counting the hospital’s money troubles.

April 01, 2013; 05:10 PM

Riverside County’s budget shortfall could approach a combined $102 million after July 1, a chasm fueled in party by a projected $39 million gap between what the Sheriff’s Department requested and what county administrators say they can afford.

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Ryan Hagen, Staff Writer
Posted: 04/01/2013 12:57:24 PM PDT

Stockton became the largest city in the nation to be approved for bankruptcy protection on Monday, a ruling that some say could spark a rush of cities across California to file for bankruptcy protection.

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San Bernardino Seal

Ryan Hagen, Staff Writer
Posted: 04/02/2013 12:51:47 AM PDT

The then-head of San Bernardino’s Economic Development Agency signed a six-year, $11-million agreement with a local company without the knowledge or approval of elected officials, City Attorney James F. Penman said during Monday’s City Council meeting.

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House Majority PAC names Rep. Gary Miller most vulnerable incumbent
Greg Cappis, Staff Writer
Posted: 04/02/2013 12:01:00 AM PDT

Mayor Pete Aguilar has officially announced he will again run for the House of Representatives in the 31st Congressional District, in a 2014 race that will likely draw national attention.

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Liset Marquez, Staff Writer
Posted: 04/01/2013 11:57:21 AM PDT
Updated: 04/02/2013 01:09:23 AM PDT

ONTARIO — It’s no secret: Airlines are still reducing their presence at L.A./Ontario International Airport. Fewer and fewer passengers are choosing to travel out of ONT.

It’s the same depressing news that the Ontario International Airport Authority has been hearing for the past couple of months.

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NYTimes: Ruling Sets Up Pension Battle in Bankrupt City

Published: April 1, 2013

A federal bankruptcy judge ruled on Monday that the city of Stockton, Calif., was eligible for court protection from its creditors, clearing the way for a battle over whether public workers’ pensions can be cut when the city they work for goes bankrupt.

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