Liset.Marquez, Staff Writer
Posted: 03/20/2013 10:30:20 PM PDT
Updated: 03/20/2013 10:56:13 PM PDT

ONTARIO – The city is focused – focused on creating jobs, improving public services and continuing its efforts to regain local control of L.A./Ontario International Airport, Mayor Paul Leon said during the State of the City address on Wednesday night.

As the city has begun to see the first signs of economic recovery, Leon said the city is headed in the right direction.

“Throughout the downturn we’ve utilized sound, conservative economic principles to preserve stability for our residents and businesses,” he said.

To encourage, inspire and build confidence, three leading experts in job growth, public services and transportation discussed how Ontario can achieve those goals.

Ontario Councilman Alan Wapner shared the mayor’s view on the progress the city has made in the recent years and sees a continuation of the success in the future.

“We’re focused. We’re focused on jobs, we’re focused on service and what’s the base of it all? Ontario International Airport, the largest economic generator in the region,” Wapner said. “Ontario airport needs to be under local control because that way we have a vested interest in what happens here in our airport and the community that surrounds it.”

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