Tuesday, March 19, 2013 – 10:00 a.m.

One has to really wonder just how unhappy San Bernardino County officials are these days.

The case was proceeding swimmingly, two defense summary judgement motions already denied, and San Bernardino County was on its way to trial, or settlement, in a lawsuit it filed to recoup some of the $102 million settlement it paid developer Colonies Partners for violating easements, when it constructed a storm drain that materially affected and delayed the developers project. A project destined to become a highly-successful mixed use development in the city of Upland, California.

But, after a highly-touted, but dubious, conflict of interest plea bargain by a former official, San Bernardino County is not only out of court, it’s out the $26 million in legal fees it spent, plus any damages it felt entitled.

Last week all parties entered into a walk-a-way settlement. Meaning everyone eats their own legal costs and the case is over.

Talk about being ran over by a truck.

The defendants, California Department of Transportation, San Bernardino Associated Governments and the city of Upland, spent nearly the same amount collectively.

The agencies definitely had a roll in the impact to the developer, and likely deserved to pay the county something.

But, this is a case where county and state prosecutors twisting the truth, and trying to be slick, had unintended consequences.

And it’s taxpayer’s money, not theirs, that’s being blown here. So this outcome begs a question. Do any of the officials responsible really care?

The answer is probably not.

Will the public ever know what really happened?

Eventually they will!

Just a thought…..