Friday, February 1, 2013 – 08:15 a.m.

San Bernardino County District Attorney Michael A. Ramos obviously has another political agenda. It’s just unclear as to what it is at this point.

But, whatever the plan is, Ramos just threw a wrench into the works by way of his bizarre idea to force DNA samples from immigrants applying for U.S. Citizenship.

That’s right, a DNA sample. It looks like fingerprints must not do the trick anymore. Can’t you just see it now. Welcome to the United States of America! Please submit to a violation of your civil rights by allowing us to swab your mouth.

Ramos has been a busy, busy, busy, guy over the past several months, announcing one task force after another.

Yes, Ramos is going after human trafficking, serious DUI offenders, and anything else that sounds good in the press. Even though he’s receiving no tangible funding to support these highly-trumpeted endeavours. The Ramos press machine makes his peers in San Diego, Riverside and Orange counties, look like amateurs.

This latest brainchild is a whopper though. But it’s not surprising coming from a prosecutor, who’s used to violating the civil rights of others.

The immigrant DNA fiasco did, in fact, achieve what Ramos was seeking. That being nationwide press coverage. But, he even lost the San Bernardino Sun newspaper, his key supporter and defender, on this one. In an editorial, published Friday, the newspaper referred to the idea as being “Too Orwellian!”

One has to wonder who drove this train down the track. Ramos should take the architect of this one out behind the woodshed.

Democrats run Sacramento, and pretty much Washington D.C. for that matter, and as this proposal sinks in, the more it’s hated. Calls of racism are starting to percolate.

What’s next out of the Ramos press mill? Maybe a proposal to drug test driver’s license applicants.