Bob Dutton

Andrew Edwards
Posted: 01/28/2013 02:35:03 PM PST
Updated: 01/28/2013 06:05:01 PM PST

By Andrew Edwards
Staff Writer

Former Sen. Bob Dutton will not be fined for having a Chevrolet Tahoe registered in his own name as well as a political committee he formed to pay for expenses related to his work in the Legislature.

The Fair Political Practices Commission investigated Dutton’s use of the SUV and determined that, technically, Dutton should not have had the vehicle registered in his own name.

The FPPC is essentially California’s traffic cop when it comes to campaign finance laws. After checking out Dutton and the Tahoe, they decided to let the former Senate Republican leader off with a warning instead of handing out a ticket.

“It’s a warning letter, for us which means `You violated the act, but it’s not serious enough to warrant a fine,’\” said Gary Winuk, who is chief of the FPPC’s enforcement division.

“It’s kind of a technical violation,” he added.

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