Pay Cut

Wednesday, January 9, 2013 – 11:30 p.m.

What did Barack Obama voters expect when they reelected him President of the United States?

I read a story published Sunday in the Washington Times that caught my attention.

The focus of the story was on what people, who voted for Obama, were saying about recent events involving taxes and the fiscal cliff bill recently passed by Congress and signed by the President.

Yes, four-letter expletives are running rampant on Obama-leaning message boards and blogs, particularly when it comes to the looming cut in take-home pay most Americans are about to get courtesy of Mr. President and the Democrats in the U.S. Congress.

All I can say is Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney must be laughing his ass off right about now. Oh I’m sorry, please excuse the ass remark! I forgot Romney is Mormon.

It seems the expiration of the 2% cut to the payroll (social security) tax isn’t sitting well with many. You mean we’re getting a cut in take-home pay? More like 70% of workers are geeting a cut in take-home pay.

Say it isn’t so!

If those disgusted Obama voters are pissed-off now, just wait until they file their 2013 tax returns.

Yes, next year’s tax software for professionals, and do-it-yourself-ers alike, will have an interesting question added in.

What question you ask?

How about. Do you have health insurance coverage?

A “no” answer treats the taxpayer to a hefty reduction in, or elimination of, their expected tax refund, or maybe even a nice hike in their tax due. All this courtesy of the President’s Affordable Health Care Act, otherwise known has ObamaCare.

Indeed, Americans who don’t have health insurance coverage are going to pay, and pay big.

But, this is just a warm-up for things to come in the category of higher taxes.

Stay tuned………