By Greg Devereaux
Posted: 12/07/2012 03:16:42 PM PST

Last week, The Sun and the Daily Bulletin published an editorial and a guest column taking the County of San Bernardino to task for seeking payment of substantial debts owed to the county by the cities of San Bernardino and Upland. What the editorial and column failed to grasp is that when a city refuses to pay the county for a service it used or an impact it caused, it pushes the obligation onto the residents and businesses in other cities.

The county’s landfills are entirely self-supporting and, by law, the county cannot charge more than what it costs to operate them. So when the City of San Bernardino decides to stop paying its bills but keep using the service, the county must charge the other cities, and therefore their residents and businesses, more; shut down the landfill system; or collect what is owed.

What does the newspaper do when a subscriber stops paying their bill?

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