San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors Josie Gonzales takes the Oath of Office. (LaFonzo Carter/Staff Photographer)

Joe Nelson, Staff Writer
Posted: 12/03/2012 06:40:35 PM PST

SAN BERNARDINO – Monday was a good day for the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, especially board Chairwoman Josie Gonzales, who was sworn in for her third term.

“… This is with God’s grace the first time since I have been an elected official, that I can tell you we have a damn good elected county board,” Gonzales said during a swearing-in ceremony for herself and newly elected 1st and 3rd District Supervisors Robert Lovingood and James Ramos, respectively.

She believes the new board will be one sans animosity, special interests and hidden agendas. But more importantly, Gonzales believes strongly that the board, in its new configuration, will be one that can push the county forward without it having to take two steps back.

“I have every faith and can tell you that we now have a board that can communicate, that can discuss, disagree, and can arrive at a consensus by which thought has been processed, and opinions have been shared, and that the conclusion will be the benefit to the people,” Gonzales said.

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