Published: Nov. 30, 2012 Updated: 4:02 p.m.

You know your Republican campaign for California governor is in trouble when the first attack on your candidacy comes from fellow Republicans.

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, of Twin Peaks, had barely announced last week he would form an exploratory committee for a 2014 gubernatorial bid when the Lincoln Club of Orange County came at him with both barrels blazing. Seems the well-heeled GOP group didn’t think a

“We cannot support Republicans who continually target immigrants, who are members of our community, as scapegoats for their own political advantage,” said Lincoln Club President Robert Loewen in statement emailed Thursday. “It’s time for all elected officials, Democrats and Republicans, to stop dividing our state along ethnic lines and start looking for practical solutions to the problems that affect all of us.”

Donnelly, a favorite of Tea Party activists, has made illegal immigration a cornerstone of his political career. He tried unsuccessfully to qualify a ballot measure to repeal the California Dream Act, which allows undocumented immigrants to get state-funded college aid. He’s also argued ardently against driver licenses for illegal immigrants. That includes those who can now get California driver licenses because they were given temporary legal status by President Barack Obama earlier this year.

Donnelly said the drivers licenses would become a “gateway ID” leading to other benefits.

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