Sandra Emerson, Staff Writer
Posted: 11/25/2012 06:13:04 AM PST
Updated: 11/25/2012 05:33:37 PM PST

UPLAND – City Manager Stephen Dunn will re-present his recommendations for long-term savings to the City Council during their meeting on Monday night.

Dunn was asked by the council during a special meeting earlier this month to include cost estimates for his long-term recommendations to save $2 million in the budget annually.

“All I’m really asking for is for them to authorize me to go ahead and explore this stuff,” Dunn said. “That’s all I’m expecting, just authorization to explore it and bring each item back individually.”

During the Nov. 7 special meeting, the council agreed to make $229,000 in cuts and transfer $250,000 from the gas tax fund if necessary in order to keep the city’s finances from deteriorating further.

Councilwoman Debbie Stone asked the council to allow Dunn to move forward with his recommendations, but they wanted more information.

Stone said she hopes the council will make some decisions tonight.

“We have avoided making decisions while city financial reserves have continued to suffer,” she said in an email. “We hired Stephen Dunn to do a job and we need to allow him to do it. Rather than continuing to postpone decisions, or sending things off to a committee, we need to listen to the options and take action.”

The city’s reserves have fallen from a projected $4.2 million to $932,000.

The long-term recommendations include exploring alternative ways to provide various city services such as fire, police, animal services, library, inspection services, fleet maintenance, information systems and engineering services.

Other long-term recommendations:

Selling the Fire Department’s 100-foot ladder truck.

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