Wednesday, November 14, 2012 – 03:00 p.m.

All the spin and posturing over the early retirement of San Bernardino County Sheriff-Coroner Rod Hoops is making for interesting these days.

It was one thing to read articles regarding Hoops pulling the plug. It’s another to read the stories that followed.

First, prior to Hoops appointment in 2009, then-Sheriff Gary Penrod met with now-retired Undersheriff Richard Beemer, and now also retired Assistant Sheriff Warren Nobles, and Hoops.

Penrod wanted one of the three gentlemen to take his place and it was up to them, as long as that person would serve the remainder of Penrod’s term and also agree to run for and serve at least one full term.

Beemer was only interested if he didn’t have to run for election in two years. In other words two years and out. Nobles wasn’t interested period.

So Hoops agreed to take the helm.

Now we have Hoops bailing out midway through his first term.


Now back to those news stories.

What’s interesting is the length that Hoops is making it clear that he’s under no pressure to leave and it’s just the right time for him to go.

All the pronouncements fall into the category of “spin”. Yes, I know his son is at the U.A. Air Force Academy. But his son has been there for more than two years and will be reassigned following his graduation.

Now comes the new drama.

Hoops handpicked successor in Assistant Sheriff John McMahon. Yes I said picked!

The deal is done. Even though it’s no secret Undersheriff Robert Fonzi also wants the job.

County Supervisors have already been approached and have given the unofficial wink to McMahon.

In other words, you can take this one to the bank.

Forget about what Board of Supervisors Chair Josie Gonzales says about no decision has yet been made. She’s lying.

Frankly, county supervisors can do whatever they want after Hoops officially vacates the office in December.

If they want to appoint McMahon, Fonzi, Retired Deputy Chief Keith Bushey, who has also thrown his hat into the ring, they can.

After all, since when hasn’t the deck been stacked in San Bernardino County.