Sandra Emerson, Staff Writer
Posted: 10/21/2012 07:07:05 AM PDT
Updated: 10/21/2012 10:23:42 PM PDT

UPLAND – The city’s non-safety employees are willing to discuss potential concessions as long as upper level management is willing to take a hit as well, according to a representative for the employees.

Bob Blough, general manager of the San Bernardino Public Employees Association which represents Upland’s general and mid-management employees, said the groups would entertain concessions as long as all employees, including management, agree to the same cuts.

“The concessions need to be shared equality among all the employees and management,” Blough said. “We’ll do whatever necessary to protect the service to the public as long as it’s done fairly.”

City leaders said last week that the city will need to cut spending aggressively in order to avoid a state of fiscal emergency and potentially filing for bankruptcy.

A memo written by City Manager Stephen Dunn obtained by the Daily Bulletin, shows that the city’s general fund reserve was $1.4 million at the end of the fiscal year that ended June 30 – $2.7 million below what the city had projected.

The city’s expenditures were also higher than projected due to higher payouts than budgeted for employees whose positions were eliminated, legal fees and city departments that exceeded their budgets, according to the memo.

According to the memo, the cuts will undoubtedly affect city employees.

The employees will be asked to make concessions, such as paying their portion of their pensions.

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