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October 11, 2012

Tax proponent Molly Munger said Thursday she plans to fund her Proposition 38 efforts up to Election Day and has no reason to back away from an ad critical of Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax campaign.

Munger has become the focal point of California political conversations this week after launching an ad Tuesday that calls Brown’s campaign “misleading.” She said, in an interview with The Bee, the governor’s Proposition 30 campaign was pursuing an “impostor strategy” by claiming the mantle of boosting school funding and sidestepping Sacramento politicians.

Public polls have shown Brown’s initiative hovering just above 50 percent while Proposition 38 has been in the low 40s. Munger, a wealthy attorney who has spent more than $30 million on her campaign and attacking Proposition 30, said her own polls show “a nearly dead heat” and both below 50 percent, though she would not provide data.

“It is not the case that 30 is romping to victory and 38 is some measly little irritant,” Munger said. “They both have a lot of support, they both need to do better, and they’re both very close together (in polls).”

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