Tuesday, October 9, 2012 – 09:00 p.m.

Liar, liar, pants on fire…..

The new Team Obama strategy deployed this week after a stellar performance by Former Massachusetts Mitt Romney, the Republican Nominee for President of the United States.

The utter crash and burn by President Barack Obama took the evening last Wednesday night and has done so every day since.

The excuse being spun by the Obama campaign? Romney lied!

Not Obama sucked and was listless.

I almost thought maybe Obama had been drugged earlier in the evening.

But, it is different when you have to run on your record. A new spectre the Obama campaign has to deal with now.

Yes, the $200 million spent by Obama and company on political ads to define Romney has went down the toilet big time!

Expect a shake-up in the Chicago-based Obama campaign organization any day now.

For the first time in months, Romney has taken the lead in the RealClearPolitics.com average of polls.

Romney now leads by 0.7% over Obama.

He is either tied or leads in the latest four polls of ‘likely voters’ and has gained significant ground in eleven so-called Battleground States.

Democrats far and wide are moving into the stage of disarray tonight. Panic is the next stage.

Next on tap is the Vice Presidential Debate set for Thursday night at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky. Followed by two more Romney-Obama face-offs.

With VP Joe Biden on stage, with Congressman Paul Ryan, one has to break out the popcorn and pizza and turn on the DVR.

Biden can already be credited with saying the middle class has been devastated the past four years and he and President Obama want to raise taxes by $1 trillion.