Monday, October 1, 2012 – 08:15 a.m.

Here’s some news of interest flowing across the transom Monday morning.

Downward GDP revision low-keyed by main stream media

Last weeks major downward revision in the Q2 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) number from 1.7% to 1.3% has been downplayed over the weekend. The revision is large in terms of GDP, and a harbinger of potential economic weakness. Watching the weekend news one wouldn’t know.

San Bernardino to try again

The San Bernardino City Council will take another of many stabs at cutting the city’s expenses in an effort to balance the bankrupt municipalities budget. Some day they will figure out that safety employees must take significant permanent reductions. The past practice of negotiating deferrals is over.

Independent Expenditure benefitting Imus?

Well-placed sources say businessman and 8th Congressional Candidate Greg Imus (R-Lake Arrowhead) may become the beneficiary of an Independent Expenditure.

We’ll soon know if it’ll come to fruition.

Imus, a Tea Party favorite, faces Assemblyman Paul Cook (R-Yucca Valley) in a November 6 runoff.

Cook health issues?

More sources are mentioning marked changes in the demeanor of Assemblyman Paul Cook (R-Yucca Valley), with health issues being discussed.

Politics aside, we hope the Assemblyman is well, and wish him the best.