Sunday, September 30, 2012 – 08:00 p.m.

It was a couple rocky days for San Bernardino of Supervisors Candidate James Ramos last week.

Last Monday, the Former Tribal Chair meet a buzz saw at a political event held at Pie for the People restaurant in Josua Tree.

The trigger? A bullshit answer to the first question.

The question you ask? What is your position on a proposed Morongo Basin Indian casino?

Ramos’ answer? I don’t have one!

Wrong answer.

Sources tell InlandPolitics.com that Ramos endured a rough couple hours attempting to answer pointed questions as best as he could.

Then came a Highland Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum held at East Highland Ranch on Tuesday.

Once again, things didn’t go well. This time its was courtesy of Third District Supervisor Neil Derry.

Derry, who distributed a very pointed letter rebutting all the allegations Ramos threw at him during the June primary, caught Ramos off guard and flat-footed.

Derry even addressed his 2011 guilty plea for failing to properly report a single $5,000 campaign donation 5 years ago.

Eventually the discussion centered on issues affecting everyone in general,

For the first time the Highland business crowd was able to honestly measure both candidates knowledge of issues.

One can only guess the outcome.

After presenting no cogent answer to any issue, Ramos blew out the door as fast as he could leaving some supporters wondering what had just happened.

Ramos, who spent almost $1.1 million trying to buy the seat in the June primary, which contained a third, not-to-mention republican candidate, now faces Derry head-to-head in November.

Don’t expect Ramos to expose himself opposite Derry again before the election.