Sunday, July 29, 2012 – 11:00 a.m.

It’s either arrogance, incompetence or stupidity.

California Governor Jerry Brown and his own administration would appear to be doing everything possible to blow up a proposed tax increase  measure slated for the November ballot.

It would appear to be unintentional. But nevertheless, at a minimum, it’s reckless.

Here are some of Brown’s problems;

  • Three tax measures will be decided upon in the same ballot.
  • Brown’s pursuit of a costly high-speed rail construction project tells voters the state isn’t serious about cutting expenditures.
  • Brown’s pursuit of costly water infrastructure improvements sends another excessive spending message.
  • The revelation that more than $2 billion currently sits in special revenue funds transmits a message of incompetence or deceit.

Compound the aforementioned with the fact that Brown, and the democratically-controlled, has used every trick in the book to force his measure upon voters.

The tricks includes;

  • Maneuvering, by possibly illegal means, his tax measure to the top of the proposition list. A move currently under legal challenge.
  • Pressuring county registrars to sidetrack competing measures to give his an advantage.
  • Threatening to gut the state’s education system, if his tax increase fails.
  • Refusing to seriously cut spending on the state’s bloated bureaucratic nightmare.

If Brown is arrogant enough to believe voters will do whatever he asks, regardless of his own actions, and those of his administration, he had better think again.

California voters are growing tired of governmental mismanagement and scare tactics.

Come November Brown may get just what’s coming to him from the electorate.

Like maybe an order to do his job.