Sunday, July 22, 2012 – 05:00 p.m.

Earlier this year San Bernardino County unions ganged up on the Board of Supervisors by qualifying a charter amendment designed to cut board member pay, benefits and staff budgets.

Ironically, this measure is the brain child of convicted former Assessor and County Supervisor Bill Postmus, who enlisted the financial support of a wealthy Wrightwood businessman to bankroll initial signature gathering.

When the businessman in question, Eric Steinmann, bowed out of the plan midway, county unions picked up the ball and ran with the idea.

Now county supervisors, with the help of a recent Grand Jury report opposing pay and benefit cuts sought by the unions, are set place a competing measure on the same ballot this Tuesday.

The measure passing, with the highest “yes” majority vote percentage, will become operative language in the county charter.

County unions wanted a political fight now they have one.

Unions across the state must fund a campaign against Proposition 32. A measure that would ban unions from deducting political action money from a members paycheck.

In San Bernardino County, unions must now fund a measure to cut board of supervisor pay, oppose a competing measure, support what they believe are union-friendly candidates, and oppose one or more pension reform measures.

Here’s the agenda item: SB County – Proposed Charter Amendment Forty