Sunday, July 15, 2012 – 11:30 a.m.

Forget all the media hype coming from San Bernardino City Attorney James F. Penman.

After all, isn’t it about hammering the other side, when it comes to Penman? I mean really! Allegations by Penman of thirteen falsified annual financial statements by approximately a half-dozen former city managers led to San Bernardino’s pending bankruptcy filing?

Nevertheless, it would appear a couple of investigations into city dealings have been kept under wraps from public view.

It looks as if the Executive Director of the city’s Economic Development Agency (EDA), Emil Marzullo, was quietly terminated some time ago. Along with Marzullo went the finance officer. Coinciding with their respective departures was the seizure of both their computers.

None of this has been publicly disclosed.

Allegations of misappropriation of public funds, misuse of federal funds, comingling of EB-5 worker visa funds, and bid rigging are rampant. But it’s not known, at this time, if any city employee profited from the alleged misconduct.

A second investigation is examining allegations of bid rigging and illegal contracting in the Public Works Department.

One item of major concern?

The name of a local politically-connected contractor is surfacing as being potentially burned by allegations.

A contractor that has donated to pretty much all involved here. In particular, Sheriff-Coroner Rod Hoops, District Attorney Mike Ramos, Mayor Patrick Morris and Penman.

Yes! All involved have a conflict of interest and need to bow out.

The likely upcoming story line of “They’re walling themselves off from any investigations their agencies might be conducting” isn’t going to fly here.

Why? Because no one would ever believe that!

We are sure many people are walking on eggshells right about now, and rightfully so.

We have also previously written about the ongoing demise of the Eastern San Bernardino Valley political power structure.

Well, San Bernardino’s financial collapse is about to bring it to a head faster.

Why? Because the San Bernardino City piggy bank is empty, and the music has stopped playing.

Those individuals responsible for bilking the city dry and running it into the ground, all in the name of community, should be ashamed of themselves.

Yes, the economy is partially to blame. But not to this extent. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

Just think about it! A $46 million black hole.

Many businesses and millionaires have enriched themselves on the backs of San Bernardino residents, and now they will do everything in their power to shield themselves and walk away.

Yes, a plethora of stupid and idiotic schemes and projects, all in the name of making a buck and delivering nothing really substantial in return.

For the past twenty years the city has been sinking into the gutter, all while its political and business leaders were telling residents things were getting better.

Now all the city has is an Indian gaming casino that bleeds money from the city’s poor, while giving less in return.

Why not just change the name of the county and city from San Bernardino to San Manuel.

Earlier this week we called for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to step up to the plate and intervene in this debacle.

Now it appears the need is even greater than two days ago.