Southern California — this just in
July 11, 2012 | 7:20 pm

San Bernardino City Atty. James Penman declined Wednesday to elaborate on the allegations he made that documents might have been falsified to hide the city’s financial picture, but said he had turned the information over to outside agencies. The city attorney raised the accusation publicly at a council meeting Tuesday night when the City Council voted to file for bankruptcy.

Penman would not say which agencies were involved, but said that he had first arranged a meeting with one of them on Feb. 29 and that there had been several more meetings since. He also said the council and mayor had been briefed on the allegations, but would not say when. Mayor Patrick Morris said earlier that he was “stunned” by the city attorney’s statement that documents might have been falsified. Morris said that he was aware there had been discrepancies between the city’s mid-year budget review and audited financial statements, but he characterized it as “sloppy budget analysis.” Penman said he was unsure if there had been deliberate wrongdoing and, if so, how many people were involved. “I do not know whether there was criminal intent or not,” he said.

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