Sunday, June 23, 2012 – 11:00 a.m.

News from across the transom this Sunday morning.

Arnett to challenge Shorett again

Joe Arnett is going to take another shot at unseating San Bernardino City Councilman Fred Shorett.

The feeling is Shorett, who is a part of Mayor Pat Morris’ voting block, is vulnerable due to Morris’ recent string of missteps.

What missteps you ask? Particularly the debacle at San Bernardino International Airport and the city’s budget mess.

It’s always entertaining in San Bernardino politics.

Cigarette tax goes down

California’s attempt to tax a pack of cigarettes into oblivion narrowly failed last week as election results for Proposition 29 were certified.

The failure doesn’t bode well for any of the three tax increase measures on the November ballot.

The logic being, if you can’t get voters to tax a pack of cigarette’s, will they vote to tax themselves.

U.S. Supreme Court health care and immigration decisions this week

Expect the U.S. Supreme Court to render its decisions on President Barack Obama’s health care law and Arizona’s immigration law this week.

The decisions will most likely come Thursday.

Majority of California budget fix based on assumptions again

You got it!

California’s still incomplete budget fix is once again based on dubious assumptions.

Of the $16 billion dollar deficit, $1.9 billion, of the so-called fix, is estimated capital gains taxes Governor Jerry Brown says California will reap in one-time dough from everyone flocking to cash in on their Facebook stock profits.

Another $8 billion will allegedly materialize after voters will overwhelmingly approve his sales and income tax increase ballot measure in November.

Will California democrats ever learn?

Upland medical marijuana operators granted bail

Online court records show U.S. District Court Judge Percy Anderson denied a U.S. Attorney appeal and granted bail to brothers Aaron and Keith Sandusky, operators of Upland-based G3 Holistic, Inc., on Friday.

The main condition will be home incarceration.

Rancho Cucamonga Mayor to seek reelection

Rancho Cucamonga Mayor Dennis Michael will seek another term as the city’s mayor.

Michael, who has done a remarkable job as mayor, is rumored to once again face a challenge from businessman Marc Steinorth.

Steinorth should rethink his candidacy and save his money.