By PE Politics
June 10, 2012 4:13 PM

There have been many explanations for Democrats’ CD-31 fiasco and the fact that the party won’t have a November candidate in what had been a prime pickup opportunity.

High on the list, though, has to be turnout.

Turnout was terrible in parts of the San Bernardino County district where Democratic registration is highest, based on a review of unofficial precinct results from last week. It also was bad in the more Latino parts of the district, where the party has focused on trying to sign up voters.

Election officials had tallied 60,918 votes in the 31st as of Sunday, up from the nearly 53,000 in the unofficial precinct results provided to The Press-Enterprise last Wednesday. Democrat Pete Aguilar has 22.61 percent of the vote, 1,434 votes behind Republican Bob Dutton. Dutton, with 24.97 percent of the vote, and Republican Rep. Gary Miller, with 26.79 percent, were the top-two finishers.

Comparing unofficial precinct totals, voter registration numbers, and 2010 census estimates, there are no bright spots for Democrats.

Turnout in CD-31

Republicans are the main party affiliation in about one-third of the CD-31 precincts in Tuesday’s election. About 23 percent of voters there cast ballots in the race.

Democrats are the main party affiliation in more than one-half of the CD-31 precincts. As of Wednesday, turnout in those precincts averaged about 15 percent.

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