Monday, June 11, 2012 – 08:25 p.m.

The San Bernardino County Safety Employees Benefit Association (SEBA) has set a special board meeeting Tuesday to endorse James Ramos for county supervisor.

That is endorse not consider to endorse.

Ramos faces County Supervisor Neil Derry in a November runoff.

In the June 5 primary, Ramos secured 47% of the vote against Derry and fellow republican Jim Bagley.

Apparently union brain trusts, President Laren Leichleiter and Chief of Labor Relations Michael Eagleson, will press the unions board of directors to endorse Ramos under the hope he may be able to swing Supervisor Josie Gonzales to support there cause in labor negotiations.

The rationale being that if Derry should win, he would be a lone vote in their corner.

Under this rationale a new SEBA voting block would be James Ramos, Josie Gonzales and Rick Roelle.

This thinking coming from two political novices.

Newsflash! Gonzales won reelection Last Tuesday.

Unfortunately, SEBA will suffer the fate of what will most likely be a 5-0 vote to impose heavy cuts to their members wages and benefits well before any November election.

An election that Ramos’ own campaign knows will have a completely different dynamic due to an additional 80,000 plus voters.

You have to love the logic.

What does this boil down to for SEBA?

James Ramos and the San Manuel’s gave SEBA’s PAC hundreds of thousands of dollars the past four years.

Now it’s time to collect!

The Mitzelfelt Factor

Sources also say outgoing Supervisor Brad Mitzelfelt will likely not support any SEBA cause either.

Yes, another supervisor, who routinely stuck his neck out for SEBA has had enough of the groups dysfunctional politics.

The key word in use this week is abandoned.

Roelle vs. Lovingood

On another note. The union has also moved towards formally endorsing Apple Valley Town Councilman Rick Roelle in hopes he will preserve the unions lucrative contracts.

Even though Roelle routinely smacked the unions members during his tenure as an investigator in the Sheriff’s Department Internal Affairs Division.

All Roelle opponent, Robert Lovingood, who funded his own primary campaign, needs to do is run an anti-union/pension campaign and he’s a shoe-in for the spot.

The latest elections results in Wisconsin, San Jose and San Diego pretty much spelled out voter sentiment when it comes to public employees, their pensions, and unions.

SEBA refuses to accept the fact that its members will ultimately have to pay more towards their retirement.

But most importantly, SEBA has shown the board of supervisors they have no loyalty, and their political prowess is gone.

In other words, the 800-pound gorilla has become a 50-pound Chimp.

The other three supe’s must be rolling on the floor laughing at their two colleagues.