Jim Steinberg, Staff Writer
Created: 05/31/2012 07:29:20 PM PDT

By Jim Steinberg Staff Writer

COLTON – Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, the county’s hospital, stands to lose millions of dollars, if proposals under Gov. Jerry Brown’s revised budget become reality, county officials said.

Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Josie Gonzales said the proposals are “horrendous” because they could end up causing some to be denied care at a time when they need it most, after losing health insurance because they had become unemployed in the sagging economy.

“This does not make sense,” she said.

The hits to California’s health care safety net comes on three fronts, according to the California Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems:

In the fiscal year, which begins July 1, the state is proposing to take $100 million in federal funding that would have in some cases reimbursed the state’s public hospitals for services already provided.

It eliminates more than $60 million in fiscal year 2013-14 funding to public hospitals that was agreed to under a fee designed to maximize federal funding available to California for the Medi-Cal program.

And it would cut an additional $9 million in fiscal 2013-14 safety net pool funding used to help cover expenses incurred for care to the uninsured.

Frank Arambula, ARMC’s chief financial officer, said it was not immediately clear exactly how much if a hit his hospital could be forced to absorb, although it would be “in the millions.”

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