Saturday, May 26, 2012 – 11:30 a.m.

The race to represent San Bernardino County’s Third Supervisorial District has definitely heated up.

A contest where Former San Manuel Band of Mission Indians Chairman James Ramos is trying to unseat County Supervisor Neil Derry.

The latest mailer is nothing more than revenge play by certain political elements tied to Ramos.

Yes, Mr. “I was gonna run a clean campaign” Ramos seemingly doesn’t have any problem with negative campaigning any longer.

At least he’s learned something.

This negative hit arrived in voter mailboxes late this week.

Here’s the remainder of the mailer:

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Looking at the subject of the mailer. One could easily conclude that candidate Ramos, a desperate man who is polling behind Derry, is hoping either Derry or he win their contest outright on June 5.

If not. Maybe he should be!

This mailer is obviously alienating groups in this county that have remained on the sidelines in this particular race. And candidate Jim Bagley, the other candidate in the contest, has the potential of pulling enough votes from Derry to force a Ramos-Derry runoff in November.

During this primary, Ramos is spending $1.1 million, to Derry’s roughly $500,000.

Of the $1.1 million Ramos is spending, $724,700 is from Tribal and gaming interests.

But, the $500,000 sum raised by Derry is a spectre the Ramos camp never counted on.

Why? It gave Derry resources to label Ramos early and often.

A late $200,000 surge in Derry money has reportedly upset Ramos’ paid campaign staff and supporters alike.

And lastly, one can easily conclude that in the event of a Derry-Ramos runoff, Derry, based on this hit mailer theme, will likely have whatever funding he needs to secure reelection.

Ramos probably should have checked with fellow college board trustee and former State Assemblyman John Longville before running this mailer.

Longville recently played the same theme, shackles and all, in his campaign for a seat on the San Bernardino City Council.

The result for Longville?

He was crushed by newly-elected Councilman, and political newcomer, Robert Jenkins.