Kristina Hernandez, Staff Writer
Posted: 05/22/2012 08:55:18 PM PDT

MENTONE – The economy and possible tax increases under Gov. Jerry Brown’s administration were two hot topics Republican Party Chairman Tom Del Beccaro addressed Tuesday night at the Mill Creek Cattle Co.

The talk was part of the party’s bus stop tour to address voters in other counties throughout the state and answer their questions and concerns about government on a state and local level.

Del Beccaro was joined on stage by KTIE 590 personalities Lou Desmond and Heidi Harris as the discussion was broadcast simultaneously on the station.

The chairman started the discussion by addressing the two proposed tax increases on the June 5 ballot. He believes that the current job market has caused such a huge budget deficit because there are no jobs available to those who could be paying taxes or sales taxes the state desperately needs.

“We have so many people not working and they’re not part of the system anymore,” he said. “So we have these deficits because Jerry Brown does not have an idea to bring back jobs to California.”

Del Beccaro blamed over-taxing and over-regulation from the state government why the demand for jobs will not return to the state. Another factor is that, home values which have been “destroyed.”

Del Beccaro said it was important for him to leave Sacramento and travel the state to hear from concerned voters whose voices are not being heard up north and he was tired of hearing the voices of only politicians. Many in the audience shook their heads in agreement.

Terry Klenske, owner of Dalton Trucking, addressed Del Beccaro and the audience by answering questions about his business, and jobs that have been affected.

He purchased the company in 1977 as a hobby with three trucks on his fleet. Today, he has 250 employees and 140 trucks.

He talked about how the passing of Assembly Bill 32 hurt his business when regulations were put in place regulating cement manufacturing.

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