Published: 20 May 2012 07:31 PM

The San Bernardino City Council must choose between three redistricting plans that will determine council ward lines in future elections.

The plans will go to the council Monday, May 21, for a 4 p.m. public hearing. If one of the options is selected, an ordinance will return to the council for adoption June 4.

The city must approve a redistricting plan every 10 years using census data to balance populations between its seven wards.

A redistricting task force was created last year to analyze the census data and recommend options. The task force was made up of representatives from the city manager, clerk, attorney and council offices and the community development, information technology and public works departments but no elected officials.

According to a report to the council, population growth in the northwest and foothill areas of the city led to imbalance among some wards. The proposal seeks an average population of 30,000 for each ward.

Ward 5, in the northwest area of the city, including Cal State San Bernardino, grew the most and is about 1,500 people over the average. Ward 7, which includes the area north of Highland Avenue and south of 40th Street, exceeds the average by 700.

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