Michael Scarpello

Michael Scarpello
Posted: 05/16/2012 02:48:21 PM PDT

An effort to address the significant problem of provisional balloting resulted in the unintended consequence of many voters receiving their mail ballots several days before receiving their sample ballots.

Although very few voters cast their mail ballots before seeing the sample ballot, I understand why some candidates who placed candidate statements in the sample ballot are unhappy. I apologize for that, and I will correct this situation in time for the November election. However, please rest assured that this situation has not in any way compromised the election. All laws have been followed to the letter as the deadline to mail sample ballots is 10 days prior to the election, and these documents will have been delivered well before that time.

Any mail voter who has not yet received their sample ballot but wishes to consult it before voting the ballot can go to our website at www.sbcountyelections.com to view their sample ballot. Or, they can simply wait for their sample ballot to arrive in the mail.

My goal was to provide sample ballots as close to Election Day as possible to reduce the number misplaced by voters in the days leading up to the election. When voters misplace their sample ballots, they often end up not knowing where to vote. When voters show up at the wrong polling place, they must use a provisional ballot.

Provisional balloting is a significant problem in San Bernardino County.

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