Tuesday, May 15, 2012 – 04:50 p.m.

Here is some news reverberating across the transom this week.

Brown wants portion of Harris foreclosure settlement

You gotta love it.

California Governor Jerry Brown, in an effort to cobble together more money to blow, wants to steal hundreds of millions of dollars meant to help distressed homeowners. The dough, a part of a national foreclosure settlement obtained by Attorney General Kamala Harris, is meant for distressed homeowners.

Harris has objected to Brown’s position.

And Brown appears as if he could care less.

One can only image what Harris is saying behind closed doors.

Issa endorses Cook

Stop the presses!

Congressman Darrel Issa (R-Vista) has endorsed Assemblyman Paul Cook in his quest to represent the 8th Congressional District.

Now this nod is definitely a scale tipper.

Laugh out loud.

CD 8 –  The Marine factor?

The battle of the Marines.

Yes, in the full out war in the 8th Congressional District, Assemblyman Paul Cook, a retired Marine colonel, and San Bernardino County Supervisor Brad Mitzelfelt, a former Marine Non-Commissioned Officer, are pressing those credentials hard.

The latest mailers has Cook displaying his medals, while Mitzelfelt is in full dress uniform.

It was Cook’s ballot title of Retired Marine Colonel that swept him into the 65th Assembly District six years ago.

A title now unavailable to him this go around.

U.S. Postal Service slow with campaign mail deluge

The U.S. Postal Service is struggling to deliver campaign mail this go around.

The combination of heavily contested races along with San Bernardino County’s new rocket scientist registrar of voters has buried mail carriers.

Registrar Michael Scarpello decided to hold off on the early mailing of sample ballots this year.

Scarpello decided voters were irresponsible in keeping the pamphlet available.

This year the sample ballots were mailed at virtually the same time as actual absentee ballots.

The only addressee’s receiving political mail in a timely manner?

Voters using P.O. Boxes!