Ryan Hagen, Staff Writer
Posted: 05/09/2012 11:28:12 AM PDT

A trial will begin again Thursday that could change the outcome of the San Bernardino city clerk’s race by forcing the registrar of voters to count mail-in ballots that he initially discarded because he said signatures on them did not match those he had on file.

After a series of hearings determining that Registrar of Voters Michael J. Scarpello can be called to testify about why he made that decision but that other outside evidence would not be allowed, lawyers representing Scarpello, City Clerk Georgeann “Gigi” Hanna and 15 voters whose ballots won’t counted will begin arguments.

Hanna, a former journalist and public relations official, narrowly won the Feb. 7 run-off election against Amelia Sanchez-Lopez, who heads the county Alcohol and Drug Services Administration. Sanchez-Lopez called for a recount, which expanded Hanna’s lead to 6

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