Friday, April 27, 2012 – 11:00 a.m.

It looks like Supervisor Neil Derry is hard at work cultivating votes.

It’s no secret that San Bernardino County’s Third Supervisorial District is fertile ground filled with conservative republicans, decline-to-state and independent voters.

The recent realignment of district boundaries has made the territory even more conservative.

And Derry is plowing the field. Taking every advantage.

Here’s Derry’s latest mailer to republican voters: Derry Campaign – Republican Compare and Contrast

This latest mailer started landing in the mailboxes of Redlands and Mountain republicans on Thursday.

Derry’s primary challenger, former San Manuel Band of Mission Indians Chairman James Ramos, a lifelong democrat with liberal views, was cajoled into running in a district where all the spending in the world won’t suffice.

Between all of Ramos’ endorsements by people and groups mostly pandering to the gaming tribe’s wealth, and the casino cash at his disposal, one would think Derry’s defeat is a slam dunk.

Former Supervisor Dennis Hansberger was shown the door four years ago primarily because he fell into the comfort zone of doing pretty much nothing for his constituents.

Hansberger was politically unbeatable when stood up for what was right, and in many cases he opposed and fought his colleagues. However, when he joined the status quo, things changed for the worse.

But even with his lapses, Hansberger lost to Derry by a narrow margin.

Derry, on the other hand, has been devoted to representing his district.

And from what I understand, even Derry’s detractors aren’t really arguing this point.

I recently took some time to look at Ramos’ endorser’s. They’re pretty much identical to Hansberger’s from four years ago. People who carry hard feeling over Derry beating the five-term supervisor.

The only exception though is the plethora of public safety individuals desirous for casino employment after retirement or trying to curry favor with an elected-sheriff, politicos seeking money, or business owners hoping to secure or continue doing business with Ramos’ wealthy tribe.

But there’s nothing wrong with any of it.

It’s no different than working on a campaign in the hope of getting a staff job.

It’s just the way politics works.

A post on this subject will come later on. And rest assured you won’t want to miss it.

In the end, demographics, along with Derry’s stealth fundraising efforts, will likely play large in this race.

Ramos has only his ego and his friends to blame for talking him into this election.