Tuesday, March 27, 2012 – 09:45 a.m.

San Bernardino County First District Supervisor Brad Mitzelfelt had a pretty safe seat.

Meaning he was an odds on favorite for re-election.

But instead Mitzelfelt (R-Wrightwood) is now running for open 8th Congressional District seat.

In a crowded field of candidates, sources close to Mitzelfelt believe he is having trouble raising money for his new quest.

A quest that, unlike his current county office, has strict campaign finance limits.

Campaign finance disclosures on file with the Registrar of Voters show Mitzelfelt with a fund balance of just under $352,000 sitting in his supervisorial committee.

A hefty sum that’s unavailable to him in his race for Congress.

Federal election law prohibits the transfer of campaign funds from a state committee to a federal committee.

The primary reasons being given for Mitzelfelt’s hard times rest on his responsiveness, or lack thereof, to constituent and business concerns.

In other words Mitzelfelt was too busy, preoccupied or unconcerned with being accessible.

His former Chief of Staff David Zook’s staff management, combined with his out of state residence, didn’t help things either.

Now the prevailing donor attitude towards Mitzelfelt is why should they help him?

So now Mitzelfelt’s name identification in the core of the congressional district has become a pivotal factor here.

One can only imagine how the contributors of that $352,000 for another Mitzelfelt term on the Board of Supervisors must feel.

They can’t be too happy.