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March 19, 2012

Civil rights attorney Molly Munger’s campaign to pass a broad-based income tax to bolster California education is taking to the television airwaves with a 30-second ad in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Campaign manager Addisu Demissie said the ad stresses how the proposed ballot measure could benefit schools and communities.

The 30-second ad also demonstrates the campaign’s commitment to qualify the measure for the November ballot, despite a rival tax measure presented as a compromise between proposals by Gov. Jerry Brown and the California Federation of Teachers.

“We’re moving ahead, let’s put it that way,” Demissie said. “It’s always been about what’s best for schools.”

Munger’s campaign, called “Our Children, Our Future,” is pushing a broad-based income tax hike designed to raise $10 billion to $11 billion annually for 12 years. All the money would go directly to schools, except in the first four years, when about $3 billion would go to reduce the state deficit.

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