Sunday, November 11, 2012 – 02:40 p.m.

The race to replace First District Supervisor Brad Mitzelfelt, who is running in the newly created 8th Congressional District, is set to be a real free for all in June, with the top two candidates headed for a November runoff.

The candidates having filed so far include, Hesperia Mayor Russ Blewett, Apple Valley Town Councilman Rick Roelle, Former Bill Postmus staffer Michael Orme, San Bernardino County Fire Captain Brett Henry, Businessman Robert Lovingood, Jermaine Wright and former Assembly candidate Bob Smith, who lost to Connie Conway in 2008.

The filing deadline has been extended to Wednesday since Mitzelfelt, the incumbent, isn’t seeking re-election.

Look for resources and candidate name identification with voters to decide this contest.

At this point, Blewett appears to be the most formidable, and Henry, if he can leverage his union contacts into campaign cash, will also be a factor.

The others, particularly Smith, who has baggage, are weak.

Nevertheless, this race is sure to be an entertaining show for everyone to watch.