Thursday, February 16, 2012 – 9:00 p.m.

In a clearly political overreaction, Clear Channel Communications has suspended KFI-AM 640 Los Angeles-based talk radio hosts John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou for their pointed, but honest, comments over the death of singer Whitney Houston and her long-term drug addiction.

Here is an excerpt of Kobylt’s comments:

“She’s been cracked out for 20 years, and we heard how obnoxious she was these parties, I mean, she’s doing handstands, she’s babbling like an idiot, running around … she’s a mess …  She’s been doing this for 20 years…. So, how much of a pain in the ass do you think she was?  Can you imagine, you’re CLIVE DAVIS, and she has not been — she has not had her head screwed on right for 20 years?  At some point you’re just sick of it all, and so is everybody else in the industry, all her friends and hangers on, everybody who knew had to deal with her, it’s like, ‘ah, Jesus, here comes the crack ho again, what’s she gonna do; Oh, look at that, she’s doing handstands next to the pool. Very good, crack ho, nice.’  After a while, everybody’s exhausted. And then you find out she’s dead. It’s like, ‘really … took this long?'”