Sandra Emerson, Staff Writer
Created: 02/15/2012 04:11:47 PM PST

UPLAND – Mayor Ray Musser has decided to give more thought to who will sit on the San Antonio Water Co. board of directors.

The council was to consider approving the seven-member board during its meeting Monday, but Musser postponed the vote so he could have more time deciding on the final list.

“That’s my job by the 27th to take another look at it. I will look at it and will try and be fair,” Musser said.

The board would have remained the same had the council approved the item Monday.

Last year, two new members were added to the board.

The current board includes Councilman Ken Willis, former council members Tom Thomas and Sue Sundell, Glenn Bozar, Will Elliott, Brian Brandt and Fred Gattas.

Five of the members represent Upland, while two represent San Antonio Heights.

Upland is the majority shareholder at 68 percent, with San Antonio Heights residents following at 9.6 percent. The city of Ontario, Monte Vista Water District and Red Hill Country Club all own just under 5 percent each.

The rest is made up of rock companies, grove irrigators and inactive shares.

“Now that tells me if I have seven board members, Upland should have at least five of those and then one for the Heights,” Musser said.

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