Willie Brown

Sunday, February 12, 2012

It looks like Gov. Jerry Brown will not get his wish, and his tax plan will not be the only one on the November ballot.

Multimillionaire Molly Munger, with her income-tax increase for education, and the California Federation of Teachers, with its millionaires tax, show no signs of backing down.

Unlike the governor, who fears that multiple measures will amount to a circular firing squad, I say choice is healthy.

Let’s be honest – all the tax plans are set up to pay for the interests of their backers. Munger and the teachers are all about money going to education. Brown, while saying his plan will help education, actually would give himself the freedom to spread the money around to a host of state programs.

Why not let the voters compare and decide, much the way they did with the dueling pension reform measures on the last San Francisco ballot? You’ll notice, by the way, that one of those plans managed to pass, even though it had competition.

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