Sandra Emerson, Staff Writer
Created: 01/06/2012 03:35:10 PM PST

UPLAND – G3 Holistic will remain open, for now.

West Valley Superior Court Judge Barry Plotkin on Friday postponed his decision on whether or not the co-op can remain open until the California Supreme Court decides whether to review G3’s appeal.

They will meet again on the issue Jan. 19 after the appellate court’s decision is reviewed by legal researchers. They will also determine if the court has the proper jurisdiction to make the decision.

“I am happy to resolve it today, but I don’t think we can,” Plotkin said, after expressing a desire to rule in favor of the city.

Aaron Sandusky, president of G3, re-opened the co-op last week pending the decision by the Supreme Court.

The Fourth District Court of Appeals in Nov. 9 ruled in favor of Upland’s ban on dispensaries through its zoning ordinance.

Sandusky is appealing the decision to the state Supreme Court and expects to hear back by Feb. 8.

“Mr. Sandusky will clearly shut down if the Supreme Court denies to review his appeal, so why is the city spending so much money fighting over another 30 days?” G3’s attorney Roger Jon Diamond said.

G3 closed in August 2010 after the West Valley Superior Court granted the city a permanent injunction.

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