Published: 22 December 2011 04:52 PM

SACRAMENTO – Riverside business attorney Richard D. Roth said this week that he is “very, very strongly” weighing a candidacy for Riverside County’s redrawn 31st Senate District.

Roth, a retired air force general and Democrat, said he will announce his decision after the holidays. The district extends from Corona to Moreno Valley.

“I’m very seriously considering such a run. I’m talking to my friends and business associates and giving some thought to the matter,” Roth, 61, said in a brief interview Wednesday.

Republicans seek to overturn the new Senate plan before it takes effect. As of now, Democrats have a narrow registration edge in the 31st district, among a handful of seats seen as potentially decisive battlegrounds next year.

For Senate Democrats, a 31st district victory would move them closer to a two-thirds majority needed to bypass Republicans on any legislative matter.

For months, however, the caucus has been unable to recruit a candidate to rally behind. The only Republican candidate, Assemblyman Jeff Miller of Corona, started campaigning last summer.

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